One month!

I can't believe she was already one month old last thursday! Time goes so fast sometimes it feels like I'm still on the same day eventhough 3 days have passed lol She is alot more awake now and aware of things aswell =) And for some reason she likes to fall asleep with sound and not in silence so I like to put her mobile on that's on her cot that plays a few songs and makes the mobile turn. She's also really fascinated with my hair lol When she's laid in my arms she won't stop looking at it. I think she's getting brown-ish eyes, because I can see some brown lines appearing, but then again she could just get blue eyes with brown stripes in.. we'll have to wait and see.
I went to town with her for the first time last Friday. I was great to just go somewhere other then the village and I think she liked it as well as she was awake the whole time, but she didn't cry or anything. The only bad thing about going shopping is that some shops are ridiculously hot so I have to keep on taking her coat off and putting it back on when I go out.. there's no need for heating with this nice weather it's silly.
It sure is hard work to breastfeed. Other women always make it look so easy, but it isn't and it's really easy to just quit, but I'm glad I haven't as I think I've finally got it down now so it's getting easier. I was on a forum the other day and I read that bottle fed babies (formula) only get fed like every 4 hours.. Violet wakes up around every 2/ 2 and a half hours, so unfair! lol But I'd rather wake up every hour then not breastfeed her it's so much better for her.

You'd almost think this was a baby blog and not a knitting/crochet one.. I haven't really done anything craft related, but I'm thinking of starting a new knitting project soon if I can manage to fit it in my "schedule" lol It's a summer cardigan with short sleeves and a sort of lace pattern on the front. It'll be my first ever cardigan so I'm a bit anxious to start it, but I won't know if I can do it unless I try. The pattern is in the latest Simply Knitting btw and it says it's perfect for people who have never knitted a cardi before, but have made things like patterned hats and things little more complex then just scarves. So I should be fine =)

Oh and I've finally got the internet at home btw, hooray lol ♥


OMG!!! Here Auntie Vik sends a hug to you, dear Petra! I wish so much I could go for a visit and see Violet in person! Such a cute babygirl! Congratulations, Petra! And enjoy every moment, every day with Violet. Time goes too fast...

19 May, 2008 23:11  

How sweet! Time really DOES fly. Leo likes music to go to sleep with, too. (He listens to the Iron & Wine CD every night).

Oh - and we STILL don't know what color Leo's eyes are and he's 9 months old - they keep changing from blue to brown. So Violet might keep you guessing for awhile.

Cardigans aren't too hard - you should give it a try!

And by the way, your hair is very cute :)

22 May, 2008 23:36  

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