Well it looks like I'm making a good start with my new years resolution to blog more :) I also decided to try and knit more I really want to get better and finally make myself a cardigan or maybe a vest :) I've knitted a top before, but it was really easy and it didn't need any sleeves or anything sewing on. I just think I'm scared I'll get stuck somewhere along the pattern and then won't know how to do something and that it'll end up being unfinished.
I think I might have a go at knitting something like this I love vests like that and that way I get to try shaping. Plus I've got some yarn laying around that alone wouldn't be enough to make anything, but put together like that would be perfect.
Ooh or maybe I could knit Cathode! It's knit in the round in one piece I think so that'd be even easier! Gonna have to find my circular out though.. can't seem to find it anywhere!!

We have recently booked our tickets for our boat trip to Holland to see my family in March! We're going with a P&O boat from Hull to the Hoek van Holland which is only 30 mins away from where my parents live so it's perfect! It does take 11 hours to get there though so we'll be sleeping in a cabin (should be fun). I think it sets off at about 9pm and arrives at 8am, which seems like ages, but it's not when you're sleeping :) It'll be quite scary for Dave to drive on the right side I'm sure lol.

I'll leave you with a picture of cute lil Vi ♥

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