Finally finished knitting it and grafting the armpits. You end up with holes next to the grated part and I didn't have a clue how to fix them without stretching more stitches, but luckily my online friend sent me this link and I was able to use the reversed stockinette version to make them invisible! :)

I still have to buy some buttons and make up my mind if I want eyes on all of them or just one or two!

I've also added some other pictures of our visit to the St. Edwards church in Barnsley last weekend and Locke Park.

And one of the first snowfall this winter over here :)

I'm going to have some better pictures of the Owls jumper taken soon :)

3 years...

I can't believe it has been 3 years since I last blogged! So much has happened since then. And so many projects have been finished and I have become alot more confident with my knitting.

I will try to post all the project I have since done, but let me first show you what I am working on now.
I am actually knitting a jumper (sweater)! Owls by Kate Davies. I had been drooling over it for so long on Ravelry so I decided to pick up the courage and do it!
I'm so glad I did as it really isn't as complicated as I imagined.
I'm about 80% done so not long until it is finished! I have to pick out some buttons for the eyes still and I haven't decided weather I want to put buttons on all of them or just on one.

Looking forward to blogging more regularly again. Thanks for visiting!

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