3 years...

I can't believe it has been 3 years since I last blogged! So much has happened since then. And so many projects have been finished and I have become alot more confident with my knitting.

I will try to post all the project I have since done, but let me first show you what I am working on now.
I am actually knitting a jumper (sweater)! Owls by Kate Davies. I had been drooling over it for so long on Ravelry so I decided to pick up the courage and do it!
I'm so glad I did as it really isn't as complicated as I imagined.
I'm about 80% done so not long until it is finished! I have to pick out some buttons for the eyes still and I haven't decided weather I want to put buttons on all of them or just on one.

Looking forward to blogging more regularly again. Thanks for visiting!

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