Jabberwocky Cowl

This is the cowl/neckwarmer I knitted for Violet. I made up the pattern myself and the chart aswell. I'm happy with it, but I think in the end I should have made it abit wider as with the fairisle it came out abit tighter and I forgot to take that in account. I might make her another one sometime, but then alot looser and see how that will come out :)

I have put it up on Ravelry aswell and will put the pattern up if anyone is interested. It could easily be adapted into an adult one.

I found a downloadable copy of a very old German chart book a while ago, so doing this has given me abit more practise with charts as I really want to create something with a few of the charts from the book.
I've got so many ideas for them in my head already so who knows!! :)


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