KAL time

I started on my Bubbly Rose socks (using the Effervesce pattern from Ravelry) yesterday for the KAL.
So far it's been very slow going. I think it's also because I've been using big needles the last few times so the thin ones (3.25mm) seem really fiddly all of a sudden.
Today I think I managed about 4 rows of the chart... I got stuck in the pattern so I had to go on Ravelry to ask for help and then when I did finally start the chart I had to redo the first row about 3 times because of silly little mistakes.
I have gotten the feel of the chart now though so hopefully it should go alot faster from now on! Really looking forward to seeing how this yarn knits up aswell :)


I look forward to seeing your progress, just looked at the pattern, it's gorgeous. Deb x

27 January, 2013 13:17  

Thank you! I will post an update later today :) x

31 January, 2013 12:18  

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