Heel and gusset

Heel and gusset by Petra Senders
Heel and gusset, a photo by Petra Senders on Flickr.

Another picture, but this time showing the gusset that has no hole in it for a change! Really happy with that as it puts such a downer on the feel of being finished when you've got a hole!


It is a work of art.

13 February, 2013 17:12  

I've already told you how much I like this sock - I can't wait to see both of them together!!!

Really pleased you have conquered the hole! It seems lots of people really have used this as a great way to fix something or learn a new skill. I'm so pleased :D

13 February, 2013 19:54  

Thank you Meredith and Sarah!

Yeah it seems that alot of people have really took this KAL to learn something new! I think doing it together just give you a bit more confidence to just dive into it :)

21 February, 2013 11:32  

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