Keep up, Petra!

I'm so terrible at keeping up with my blog, but I don't want to be. Due to my lack of blogging I have lost alot of readers and I really don't want that to happen again.

Luckily I was inspired the other day by Little Jess Knits post about organizing your blog better. I really like the schedule that she made up so I'm going to use it, but swap the Tattoo Tuesday for Snap Happy Tuesday to show some of my photography as it is something that I love to do aswell.
So the schedule I will try to keep will be like this:

Snap Happy Tuesday: Photography update, will also hopefully give me an incentive to go out and take more different photographs.

W.I.P. Wednesday: Every wednesday I will talk about what I'm working on (knit, crochet) and how it's progressing.

Inspiration Friday: A post of things that I have encountered that have inspired my creative mind. (I have a lot of ideas going round up there so maybe this way I can keep track of them aswell).

Planning sunday: Showing what I will be doing in the coming week.

As today is Snap Happy Tuesday I will put in a few of my recent images. This week I'm showing a few that I took while out on a walk with my daughter Violet.

The "Gaia" effect.
Barbed wire. Still have to work on getting used to manual focus with this lens.

Dodworth sunset

Lonely tree in Gilroyd, Barnsley

Vi didn't want to smile so I asked her to frown instead, haha.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy my posts! :)


Beautiful photos, the frown made me laugh.

26 February, 2013 18:22  

Great post! Ill be following your new schedule :)

27 February, 2013 18:33  

Thank you Meredith! It did me too haha!
Thanks for visiting! :)

01 March, 2013 12:25  

Thanks Jess, I hope I will too haha! Already one day behind oops!

01 March, 2013 12:25  

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