One done, one to go.

Twisted stitches by Petra Senders
Twisted stitches, a photo by Petra Senders on Flickr.

Finally finished the first one a few days ago and now I'm 3/4 into the second one.
Luckily this time it's progressing alot faster as I've remembered most of the charts :)

I've never added pictures via Flickr so I have no idea what I'm doing or how I can put more then one in a post, haha.

Via Flickr:
My first Effervesce sock all finished using Rockin' Rose by Fibreoptica.


The way I do it: get blogger and flickr opened as you're writing your post. Everytime you want to add a picture, go on flickr, find it and right click it. Choose the size you want (I always use medium, I think it's 800). Right the image that comes up and 'save picture URL'. Go back to blogger and click the picture icon. Choose the bottom option (picture URL or something) and then paste the URL you've just got from flickr. EASY!

They're looking great. Can't wait to see them both!

13 February, 2013 23:45  

Thank you! I think I've done it now :)
I couldn't use the "save URL" for some reason as it said it couldn't use the link. But I right clicked on the middle sized image and then went to "view image" and used the url from that instead :)

21 February, 2013 12:37  

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