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I know it's not Tuesday, but I took some pictures the other day and I thought I'd share them while I had some time to post on here.
The first two are of my guitar. I've had it for about 11 or so years now. I don't get to play it alot anymore, but still love to strum it every now and then. It actually hurt my fingers afterwards this time, that's how long it's been since I last played it. I'm no Jimi Hendrix, but I don't care :)
Hopefully soon the weather will start getting better and I will get some outdoor pictures. I'm going up to Wentworth Castle Gardens soon to catch the bluebells as it's so beautiful over there when they are in bloom. Like a bluebell carpet in the woods. :)
I used to volunteer there every week as a conservationist (fancy word for saying I trimmed trees and bushes and got rid of weeds and never ending thorn bushes, hah!). I might actually start doing that again, it was good to be out there and do something.
I hope you'll all have a nice Easter weekend and hopefully I will be done with my crochet project in the next post.

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Doodle inspired

I mentioned in another post that I wanted to try and crochet from a drawing, well I'm actually in the middle of doing this right now. I'm using a doodle that I made while drawing with Vi and I've got the feeling this will end up being hers when it's done! :)

I hadn't crocheted for a while before starting this, but I still remembered all the stitches. The one thing I always hate about using an existing pattern is that most of them are written in US terms and I've learned to crochet in UK terms so I'm constantly adding notes to the patterns.

At least I get to write the pattern with a fun pencil and eraser that someone gave me from Taiwan!
 If this turns out alright I might (if anyone is interested) put the pattern for it up on Ravelry and on here. I will add a crochet conversion chart to it though!

We'll see how it goes, if I can get my sewing machine out of the loft I might even add some fabric.

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I finished them last Thursday, but I didn't have time to edit the pictures until today. I'm really pleased with them and will definitely be wearing them as they're very comfortable! :)


 I ended up with a bit of the Second Sock Syndrome, but I gave myself a kick up the bum and finished them (eventually). I'm glad I did though as I do love them and I hate having u.f.o.'s laying around.

I really enjoyed knitting with this yarn aswell. It's Rockin' Rose by FiberOptica. I was lucky enough to win it on Twitter! It's very smooth and soft and the colour is just beautiful :)

These socks are symmetry heaven for me.

I love the flowing lines in the heel flap.
The only mistake I made was in the first sock where I accidentally p3, k1tbl instead of p2,k1tbl and because of that the lines of the k1tbl didn't quite match up at the top. But I don't think anyone but me will ever notice that so I'm not too bothered :)

I hope everyone (in the UK) had a lovely mothers day yesterday. I got a handmade card and another card from Vi and some Black Magic chocolates :)

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Inspiration Friday

I stumbled across a post on Twitter by A Creative Being (Winkieflash) of her blogpost about crocheting from a drawing. I really love that idea and I've got a few ideas in my head of what I want to make.

Which also brings me onto something else that has inspired me, a local artisan fayre. I saw that you can also rent stalls and sell things you've made. It's on this weekend and the next so obviously it's impossible for me to be ready for this time, but it made me think about maybe starting to make some stuff to sell in the future.
I think the tricky part is finding the balance between making things you want to make and things that will sell...

To be continued!

W.I.P. Wedn..Friday?

I've been a little bit busy and I didn't manage to write my W.I.P. Wednesday post, so I'm doing two posts today instead.

I am still working on my last Effervesce sock. I think I've had a bit of second sock syndrome, because there were days I just didn't get around to knitting and wasn't that bothered about it. But I've been catching up and I'm glad I did as it really is a beautiful pattern and doesn't deserve to be neglected and forgotten about.
At the minute I'm just turning the heel and going to do the gusset decreases. I think it's my favourite part of the sock. It's where the magic happens :)

I love how uninterrupted the design is, it all flows together.

They should hopefully be finished this weekend. And then onto something new! I've already been eyeing up a new pattern, but more on that soon :)

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