I finished them last Thursday, but I didn't have time to edit the pictures until today. I'm really pleased with them and will definitely be wearing them as they're very comfortable! :)


 I ended up with a bit of the Second Sock Syndrome, but I gave myself a kick up the bum and finished them (eventually). I'm glad I did though as I do love them and I hate having u.f.o.'s laying around.

I really enjoyed knitting with this yarn aswell. It's Rockin' Rose by FiberOptica. I was lucky enough to win it on Twitter! It's very smooth and soft and the colour is just beautiful :)

These socks are symmetry heaven for me.

I love the flowing lines in the heel flap.
The only mistake I made was in the first sock where I accidentally p3, k1tbl instead of p2,k1tbl and because of that the lines of the k1tbl didn't quite match up at the top. But I don't think anyone but me will ever notice that so I'm not too bothered :)

I hope everyone (in the UK) had a lovely mothers day yesterday. I got a handmade card and another card from Vi and some Black Magic chocolates :)

Thanks for visiting!


The socks are beautiful, such a gorgeous color. Happy Mother's Day.

11 March, 2013 15:46  

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