Why not

I know it's not Tuesday, but I took some pictures the other day and I thought I'd share them while I had some time to post on here.
The first two are of my guitar. I've had it for about 11 or so years now. I don't get to play it alot anymore, but still love to strum it every now and then. It actually hurt my fingers afterwards this time, that's how long it's been since I last played it. I'm no Jimi Hendrix, but I don't care :)
Hopefully soon the weather will start getting better and I will get some outdoor pictures. I'm going up to Wentworth Castle Gardens soon to catch the bluebells as it's so beautiful over there when they are in bloom. Like a bluebell carpet in the woods. :)
I used to volunteer there every week as a conservationist (fancy word for saying I trimmed trees and bushes and got rid of weeds and never ending thorn bushes, hah!). I might actually start doing that again, it was good to be out there and do something.
I hope you'll all have a nice Easter weekend and hopefully I will be done with my crochet project in the next post.

Thanks for visiting!


You're so full of hidden talents... :-)

29 March, 2013 17:41  

Happy Easter, enjoy your weekend.

29 March, 2013 19:31  

Thank you Meredith, you too! :)

29 March, 2013 20:49  

If only they would earn me a living haha! :)

29 March, 2013 20:51  

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