W.I.P. Wedn..Friday?

I've been a little bit busy and I didn't manage to write my W.I.P. Wednesday post, so I'm doing two posts today instead.

I am still working on my last Effervesce sock. I think I've had a bit of second sock syndrome, because there were days I just didn't get around to knitting and wasn't that bothered about it. But I've been catching up and I'm glad I did as it really is a beautiful pattern and doesn't deserve to be neglected and forgotten about.
At the minute I'm just turning the heel and going to do the gusset decreases. I think it's my favourite part of the sock. It's where the magic happens :)

I love how uninterrupted the design is, it all flows together.

They should hopefully be finished this weekend. And then onto something new! I've already been eyeing up a new pattern, but more on that soon :)

Thanks for visiting!


Get a wiggle on! I wanna see FO pictures!!!! ;)

01 March, 2013 13:31  

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