Walking in a Yorkshire Wonderland.

Last Monday I went for a walk around the Wentworth Castle Parklands and as it's meant to be a "snap happy Tuesday" post today I thought I'd share some pictures that I took that day.
I really hoped to see some Bluebells, but there was no sign of them just yet. I'm going back again soon though so hopefully I will be able to capture their loveliness with my camera.
The Strafford Arms at the beginning/end of the Parkland.
Oyster mushroom?
Deer in the Rotunda field.
It was a lovely sunny day (very windy though!) and along with the lovely views, having time on my own, the lovely smell of the woods, flowers everywhere and even spotting a Sparrow Hawk in the sky, it made for a pretty wonderful day. I can 't remember the last time I was that at peace. Yeah, I know, I need to get out more.

The next ones are all areas where I've worked on when I was a volunteer conservationist there.

The Rotunda.

So much time spent here sorting out thorny brambles!

Cautious deer.

Stag leader (in the back).

"Graffiti" on the Rotunda. It said "K.S. 1945 G.E."

Came out brighter than I wanted, but still quite like it.
The Duke of Argyle memorial.
Lots of crazy sheep running/bouncing around!

The Serpentine Bridge.
You go over the Serpentine Bridge to go into and out of the parkland. (Unless you have parked in the car park). It used to be the main entrance to Wentworth House so I imagine it will have had lots of carriages ect going over it back in the days.

The view from the Serpentine Bridge leaving the parkland.

Clearly wanted to have his(?) picture taken.
 If you made it through all the pictures then thank you for visiting, I hope you liked them!

*Edit* I just realised I never added a picture of the actual Wentworth House, so here are a few.


The pictures are great! Try remirdes me a lot of the Sculpture Park - which, if you haven't been to yet, you'll really like it. I love the sheep!

23 April, 2013 18:33  

They reminded me! I don't know what I typed there...

23 April, 2013 18:34  

Thank you! :) I've been there a few times and I love that too, been meaning to go back to look at the new sculptures! There are some nicely kept gardens behind the house here aswell with the remains of Stainborough castle that you can go in, but you have to pay for that.

23 April, 2013 21:19  

Lol I knew what you meant :D

23 April, 2013 21:19  

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